Why Are Clintons Rich? They Didn’t Invent Or Build Anything

Originally posted at Washington Examiner by Paul Bedard.

Conservative author and movie maker Dinesh D’Souza is raising new charges that foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation were “bribes” to influence policy when Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary of state, and “down payments” for access in a potential second Clinton administration.

In a well-received address to students of Liberty University, headed by Trump backer Jerry Falwell Jr., D’Souza portrayed the Clinton’s as “crooks” supported by a forgiving media, entertainment industry and academia.

To cheers and applause in his Friday address posted on YouTube, he ripped media bias, adding, “Everyday I watch my television and I marvel at the media huffing and puffing to drag this crooked hag across the finish line.”

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He said that the liberal media has a megaphone that drowns out others. “The left dominates academia, they dominate Hollywood, and they dominate the press,” he said at the conservative school, closing out their convocation Friday.

D’Souza focused on allegations of pay for play with the Clinton Foundation, raising questions to how the Clinton’s went from “dead broke” to multi-millionaires.

“How do you go from zero to $300 million on a government salary,” he said. “The Clinton’s didn’t invent the iPhone. What product were they selling in order to make all this cash?” he asked.

“The were selling American foreign policy.”

The Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and State Department of denied those charges, many aired by Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer.

But D’Souza made his case:

“When Hillary becomes Secretary of State this was a very profitable moment for the Clintons. Why? Well, you can track it: Bill Clinton’s lecture fee went from $150,000 to $600,000 as soon as Hillary became Secretary of State. This is to give a 20 minute speech.”

“Now you think that people are paying $600,000 to hear Bill give you the same rubbish that you can listen for free online? No, they’re paying him for a speech — it’s kind of a bribe. It’s kind of a down payment for something that the ‘Giver’ — and by the way, we’re not talking about American ‘Givers’ only, we’re not just talking about Goldman Sachs, we’re also talking about foreign entities, foreign governments. The ‘Giver’ wants something, and so they pay Bill Clinton to speak. Step one.”

“Step two. Hillary now delivers the ‘something’ that the donor wants. So in a very specific case, there were a group of billionaire Indians that wanted Hillary to change her position and support the Indian nuclear deal. Hillary was against it. But once Bill began to be invited to India, and money began flowing his way, Hillary had a change of heart, she switched her position. She supports the Indian nuclear deal.”

“Step three. Millions of dollars now flow to the Clinton Foundation: step one, step two, step three, this happens again, and again, and again, and again.”

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