D’Souza: Hillary Using ‘Democratic Playbook’ To Criticize Trump

Originally posted at Newsmax.

Hillary Clinton is using the “Democratic playbook” in criticizing Donald Trump’s outreach to black and Hispanic voters, documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza tells Newsmax TV.

In an interview Friday with host Joe Pagliarulo on The Joe Pags Show, the conservative commentator said the re-release of his film, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, comes at a perfect time.

“The election is heating up,” he said, adding, Trump is “all over the themes in the movie.”

He added that he “absolutely knew” Clinton would attempt to portray Trump as a racist in the presidential race.

“That is the Democratic playbook,” he said. “Normally what they do is they point the finger, they make the charge of bigotry ….[and] you would see the Republicans go into their normal fetal position of ducking and avoiding the issue and trying to move on to something else.”

But he calls it “incredibly admirable” how Trump is “hitting back on this issue.”

“Not even [Ronald] Reagan confronted the issue with the kind of candor that Trump has shown so far in this race,” he said. “In the movie we do talk about the gangsterism of Hillary which I think is her distinguishing feature. Makes her different even from [President Barack] Obama. At the end of the day Obama is an ideologue but Hillary is on the make and on the take.”

D’Souza also charges former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton believe “they have the right to live like lords as long as there are lots of other people on the plantation that they are ‘taking care of.'”

“What they never point out is that having those people on the plantation is their pretext for accumulating all this money and power that they do feel, I think, in a disgusting way entitled to.”

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